Slips for Sale

Slip A-19

Slip A-19 is located near our community building. It is the only slip with a finger pier on both sides. It also has 4 additional mooring piles installed for additional safety. The slip is 18 feet wide by 40 feet deep. It will accommodate a slightly longer boat. If interested call Don at (919) 604 8565. 

He also wants to sell the boat. It is a 1995 48' Riviera . A must see, in very good condition. Give him a call. He will sell individually or combined.

Slip C-44

Slip C-44 is half-way down C dock. If interested contact Pete or Marianne at (239) 267 1654 or (239) 841 1927, 

Slip C-47

Slip C-47 is near the entrance of the Marina, for easy in and out. This slip is 18.5 feet wide by 40 feet long. It can accommodate a slightly longer boat. If interested call Don Beach at (305) 395 9060

Slip C-48

Slip C-48 is at the end of C dock and has a view of the ocean. If interested call Dick at (231) 881 0027

New Owner Downloads

Bonefish Marina Condominium Association does not act as a sales agent, but we will try to assist anyone looking to buy one of our slips. The Association requires that you provide a copy of your vessel's insurance declaration page, showing proof of liability coverage, minimum amount $300,000 if boat is trailerable all other boats are required to have $500,000 prior to occupying a slip. You must also complete and return the New Owner Application form and Unattended Vessel/Hurricane Plan. The completed form must be signed by three BMCA directors.

If you intend to live aboard your vessel for more than 60 days a year, you must complete the Live Aboard Agreement.

Links to the New Owner Application form, Live Aboard Agreement, Unattended Vessel/Hurricane Plan, and Rules & Regulations are provided below.

New Owner Application (pdf)


Live Aboard Agreement (pdf)


Rules & Regulations (pdf)


Unattended Vessel/Hurricane Plan (pdf)


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